DFA Financial Services President...

Donald Fischesser, the founder of DFA Financial Services has spent over thirty seven years as a mergers and acquisition intermediary. Don has owned several businesses including manufacturing, contracting and distribution companies. Prior to founding DFA Financial Services, Don spent five years devoting much of his time to acquisition and mergers for a large publicly held company.

Prior to 1979, Don’s previous executive experience includes positions as Treasurer of Fairmont Homes, Inc., Vice President and Treasurer of Bercliff Industries Inc. He also held various financial manufacturing and general management positions with Grant Thornton & Company, an international certified public accounting firm. Don earned a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from the University of Cincinnati. He continually attends numerous management and special interest seminars and schools in order to keep abreast of current economic enviorment. He is a respected mergers and acquisition professional having advised on over 100 business sales. He has published several articles relating to Mergers and Acquisitions.

Don remains an active participant in the community through his service as an officer and board member on several business & non profit organizations. Don currently serves as a  board member and former Vice President of Finance for the LaSalle Council of the Boy Scouts, serving over 12,000 youth in Northern Indiana. He serves as an officer & board member of the Business Development Corporation of Northern Indiana, and a board member of the St. Vincent DePaul Society.  After completing two-terms as president, Don also remains a board member of The Economic Club of Michiana.

Our Firm is Organized...

... To assist you in identifying and solving problems by offering the specialized resources of professional in the area of valuations, acquisitions and sale of business.
... To manage the acquisition, investment, sale or valuation through the successful completion of the transaction.
... To be the focal point, guiding buyers and sellers through what is often the most sensitive and traumatic experience in their business lives.
... To operate skillfully among buyer, seller, accountant and attorney.
... To properly value the business in terms of its marketability.
... To develop a total marketing plan for the confidential presentation of the business.
... To screen and qualify buyers and sellers.
... To negotiate and structure the business transaction between buyer and seller.
... To assist in obtaining financing, if required.
... To manage the negotiations for a successful closing.

DFA Financial ServicesBusiness Acquisitions & Valuations
224 W. Jefferson Blvd., Suite 517, South Bend, IN 46601

Phone: 574/232-1852 • Fax: 574/232-2897

DFA Financial Services
Business Acquisitions & Valuations
224 W. Jefferson Blvd., Suite 517
South Bend, IN 46601

Contact DFA Financial

Don @dfafin,com
Pho: 574/232-1852
Fax: 574/232-2897

These Companies Successfully Sold by DFA Financial Services

  • Newspaper
  • Specialty Foundry
  • Drapery Manufacturer & Distributor
  • Wood Products Manufacturers
  • Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer
  • Aircraft Parts Manufacturer & Distributors
  • Travel Agency
  • Truck Repair Parts Distributor
  • Contract Manufacturer Welded Products
  • High Precision Machine Shop
  • Steel Rule Die Companies
  • Special Printing Company
  • Aircraft Parts Exporter Distributors
  • High Precision Defense Contractor
  • Aircraft Tow Motor Manufacturer
  • Household Products Distributor
  • Houseware Products Manufacturer
  • High Precision Stamping Company
  • RV Manufacturers
  • Food & Drug Products Distributor
  • Aircraft Parts Exporter Distributor
  • Welding Supplies Distributor
  • Hair Brush Manufacturer
  • Computer Distributor
  • Glass & Hardware Products Distributor
  • Computer Training Center
  • DNA Testing Lab
  • Advertising Specialties Distributor
  • National Moving Company
  • Glove Manufacturer
  • HVAC Products Distributor
  • Industrial Coil Coil Company
  • Powder Metal Manufacturers
  • Mail Services Companies
  • Aftermarket Truck Parts Manufacturer
  • Special Wire Manufacturer

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